Join our online community

Here is some guidance on how to access the clicker training online community, in case language is a barrier.

In the email that linked you to this page, there is a button, that you have probably clicked on. Did you? Well done!

Clicking on that button, brought you to the online community website, that accompanies Alexandra Kurland’s Clicker Training Online Course.

Now that course is currently not only offered in English but also in German, and hopefully will be in Italian soon. We did not like the idea of separating people that have a lot to share just because of language. Many of us speak more than one language and we want to participate in all these discussions hence we created this platform that allows multiple languages and everyone can chose in which group, or space as it is called in the community, she wants to engage. You may even learn a new language, why not? 😉

But if the language confuses you, here’s some help:

As you click on the button in the email, you are taken to the community log-in.

I chose Italian for the fun of it!

Maybe you speak Italian, or Spanish, so you go ahead and Log-in, or register. But if you feel more confident in another language, you can change the language below the registration box.

After you logged into the community, the software should recognise your preferred language. However, if it doesn’t, there is a work around.

In your personal account setting, you can set your language preference. You find your profile in the top right corner. Click on the the triangle next to your name and choose the second from top. That opens the settings. Click on the tool icon and chose your language. Don’t forget to save. That’s it. You did it!

If you have any difficulties, just send an email to and I will be happy to help.

Have fun in the community and share your clicker training adventures!